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Need a Custom
Restaurant Door?Fill out our interactive custom door request.

Product Customization Options

We've made it simple to get a customized Restaurant Door, available with a range of options. No matter what door you choose you can be ready to order in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose a product you would like to customize.
    • Select your desired product from the selection above or in the main navigation, under Products.
  2. Select your customization options.
    • Panel Style
      • Single Panel: Select this if a single door will be enough to fill your finished opening. Typically, single panel doors are used to fill openings anywhere between 18" and 44" wide.
      • Double Panel: Your finished opening is wide, so you need 2 doors to fill the opening.Typically, double panel doors are used to fill openings anywhere between 36" and 84" wide.
    • Hinge Side
      • Since double panel doors will have a hinge on each door panel, a hinge side is needed for single panel doors only.
      • To determine a hinge side, imagine yourself walking through the door. As you push the door, which way does it swing open? That is the side the hinge is on.
    • Add your finished opening measurements.
      • Always measure the opening and not the door.
      • Enter your opening width and height in inches in the boxes provided on the product pages.
    • Impact Plates
      • Impact plates add an aesthetic appeal and will improve the durability of the door panel.
    • Laminate or Color Options
      • Integrate our products seamlessly into the design of your building, or choose a contrasting color that will complement your decor.
    • Determine if you will need a Door Frame
      • Our hollow metal frames are manufactured for Drywall and are reinforced at the hinge locations.
      • If you decide to purchase a frame, the actual finished opening will be the same as the product you're buying the frame for.
  3. Add your customized product to your cart.